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1st in a Series: Looking forward to the conference.

The countdown continues!

As the conference draws closer and closer every day, my excitement is growing! I am looking forward to so much. This blog is the first in a series. Each one in the series will feature one thing I am looking forward to at the Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada 2023 Conference in Sudbury starting May 29, 2023.

One of the field trips that interests me at the 2023 SC-CC Conference in Sudbury is "Dream-Catcher - Medicine Wheel - Turtle Island - Moon Time."

As a storyteller, one of my personal commitments to Truth and Reconciliation is to attend events where the public is encouraged to attend. One aspect of this field trip is to instill a better understanding of the Anishinaabek worldview.

Does this field trip interest you?

More details about the various field trips can be found by clicking here here .

An app for learning about land acknowledgement can be found by clicking this link: Whose Land .

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