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3rd in a Series: Looking forward to the conference.

The countdown continues! The image below indicated the time until the conference as of posting this blog.

This blog is the third in a series. Each one in the series will feature one thing I am looking forward to at the Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada (SC-CC) 2023 Conference in Sudbury starting May 29, 2023.

One of the Friday workshops that looks interesting to me at the 2023 SC-CC Conference in Sudbury is Creating Stories that Matter with Jennifer Munro.

There is never enough laughter in the world and this workshop provides an opportunity to explore the powerful tool of humour in storytelling.

Jennifer Munro's biography can be found on the SC-CC Conference artists listing by clicking here.

Are you curious about this or other Friday workshops? More details about all of the Friday workshops being offered can be found by clicking here.

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